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Get ready for the future!

Changing the game
We motivate Companies & stimulate Youngsters to unlock their full potential. We inspire and provide insights via the new and happening. Your company’s DNA gets ready for the future by connecting to the Green Generation.


With over 20 years of experience in youth work, education innovation, organizational development, leadership and business creation, I4NATURE is able to create future perspective for head start, commitment, positive energy, and transformational leverage to accelerate potential for climate related challenge together with the future, the green generation.

I4NATURE is loyal to nature and therefor no strings attached and brings a network of multistakeholders in different sectors, disciplines and levels aligned with the same way of thinking to scale up for impact.

Get ready for the future!

We connect youngsters to opinion leaders through co-creation and engaging activations. If youngsters lead the way, the route is forward. In all of our products and activities nature is our number one priority. There are many ways to reward nature and every way is interconnected.

I4Nature promotes equality and always searches for a common ground between different parties. We stand with our work for restoration and representing natures interests

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