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Become part of the I4nature cooperative

Are you a cooperative leader? Participate in i4N coop as investment in your own company.

Inspire the youth around you and shape a green generation. We offer you our i4nature support to create your own young board and join our events such as welcome in my world day. You also gain access to youth networks consisting of talents, projects, event and ideas. With our investment pool we stimulate projects and companies for a green generation like funds, grands and growth funding specialist.

‘’ we promise to connect, let you engage, co-create and reward nature’’.

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    As a partner in the cooperative we offer you:
    • In company introduction event (welcome in my world)
    • Insights and trend watching events
    • Training from our founder Xander, offers a day consultancy in social institutional design, innovation and business development.
    • Setting up young boards for co-creation within your company
    • Story telling for promotion and reach withing the younger generations
    • Inhouse i4nature coach
    • Investment pool
    What we ask in return as the cooperative
    • investment in young people and nature
    • Company dedication
    • Using your board room at times
    • investment in minimum one youngster getting in the drive seat
    • storytelling, being active in sharing knowledge and skills to youngsters
    • availability of your organisation leader once a year
    Be future and nature minded.


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    Health & Vitality