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Start time 2020-02-01
Finished Time 2020-02-29
Address San marcos

Getting your company’s DNA future-ready is essential to continue being a truly sustainable business. We are experts to advise and manage values and measure impact on the climate and environment. Such as sustainable food chains, healthy canteens, and think/act events.
We advise based on a lot of experience and knowledge in the industry. See below who we have already worked for.

  • Bayer research & advice

Commissioned by Bayer we are working on their own Youth Alliance within the company. We guide the Youth Alliance to be empathic leaders who apply their head, heart, and hands to understand and serve the world making it more equitable, cooperative, and sustainable.

  • Rabobank research & advice

We designed the FastFoodForward program for Rabobank. This program is designed to look for solutions to challenging food issues together with entrepreneurs, consumers, students, government, and partners.

  • Quality scouts McDonald’s research & advice

We designed and organized the program Quality scouts McDonald’s. These scouts are consumers from all over the Netherlands who are curious about the ingredients and preparation of the products. We set up this group of curious consumers and set them up with the food process of McDonald’s.