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NextGen Ag Impact Network (NGIN)

NGIN is the global network of networks for, with, and by NextGen Agricultural Leaders. As I4NATURE we are tributing to empower youth in agriculture and related fields by including them right from the start. Together, we will co-create a structure, programs, and a community to unlock resources and energy for transformational impact towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). NGIN is inclusive to all relevant sectors: farmers, business, academia, think tanks, NGOs, international organizations, politics, and – most importantly – the next generation of agricultural leaders. NGIN gives young changemakers a voice, a vote, and a role in an ecosystem for impact.

17 Goals, 17 Partners, 1 Objective – NGIN empowers youth!


With NGIN we are organising the NGIN ambassadorship, which is a program in which young people from all around the world get together to create impact and find sustainable solutions in agriculture. This year in June we are also hosting the NGIN ambassadorship conference in Costa Rica. Where youngsters from around the globe who have been selected as NGIN ambassadors will get together and discuss on how they will create impact.

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